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Season Skipper

Permanent Skipper

You can sail from the enrolment to the end of the season for the price of DKK 5,500. The season runs from 1 May to end of October. If you start later in the season then you pay from the month you start to the end of the season DKK 1,000 per month including the one you start in. Payment is upfront.
You need to hold a Danish "Certificate of Yachting" (Duelighedsbevis) and be able to handle a sailboat.

We accept students with Certificate of Proficiency in Yachting from Københavns Sejlerskole (school).
Start in May to end of October - Full season
Start in June
Start in July
Start in August
Start in September
= DKK 5,500
= DKK 5,000
= DKK 4,000
= DKK 3,000
= DKK 2,000
Deposit at delivery of key to boat
= DKK 100
Upon enrolment you are invited to an introduction tour on Øresund where we set the course for a nearby harbour. The tour is used for the skipper to get to know the boat and to test if you are ready to be on your own with your own deckhands.

The introduction is mandatory and planned to be with a permanent skipper. On this trip we take you through safety onboard how the boat is manoeuvred and you are of course evaulated to see if you - and we - are compfortable with your handling of the boat. Should you lack experience or if your experience is a bit rusty, but you act sensible then we may continue the introduction for extra sail tour(s).
A skipper shall:
  • Be legal of age,                  so you as a skipper can be held responsible
  • Have proof of proficiency,      so we ensure you have the basic skills (copy to be delivered)
  • Be able to sail a sailing boat,      so we ensure that you can handle the sail and engine
  • Pay a deposit/contingent,               before start of sailing
  • Have Internet access                        to reserve the boats
  • Have E-mail                                          to communicate with us
  • Permanent Skipper

    Season Skipper

    As a permanent skipper you need to comply to the same criteria as the season skipper.

    Your pay is composed differently and you are obliged to work to keep the boat operational.

    Your economical contribution consists of:
    A deposit of DKK 3,000 - Which is returned to you when you wish to leave the community and another skipper takes your position. We have room for 4 permanent skippers.
    An annual contingent - 50 % of last year's contingent shall be paid before 15 January. The remaining cost shall be paid before end of March and shall be revised jointly by the permanent skippers on first Tuesday in March.
    Eventual extra contingent - Whatever required as unforeseen cost required to keep the boat in safe use and decided by the majority of the permanent skippers i.e. through votes made by mail.
    Your labor contribution consists of a fair, proportional share of the sum of all simple tasks related to boat maintenance and should not be more than three working days per year related to:
  • Preparation of the boat for sailing season
  • Maintenance of the boat as needed during the season
  • Preparation of the boat for winter season
  • The tasks are collected in the lists Spring Preparations and Winter Preparations and are updated to current needs.