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Membership Terms

Introduction offer

We continue the succes from last years introduction offer where you can sail from the enrolment to the end of the season for the price of DKK 5,000. You need to hold a "Duelighedsbevis" and be able to handle a sailboat. Upon enrolment your are invited on an introduction tour on Øresund where we set the course for a nearby harbour. The tour is used to get to know the boat and for you to test if you are ready to be on your own with your own deckhands.
If you do not wish to continue into next season then your enrolment stops by the end of the season/year. If you like to continue you need to pay deposit and contingent. See the conditions below.
A member (skipper) shall
• Be legal of age,             so you as a skipper can be held responsible
• Have proof of proficiency,     so we ensure you have the basic skills
• Be able to sail a sailing boat,  so we ensure that you can handle the sail and engine
• Pay a deposit,                     to redeem a former member
• Pay the contingent,                  which is your contribution to operation and maintenance
• Have Internet access                   to reserve the boats
• Have E-mail                              to communicate with us
• Do the Spring and Autumn tasks for 6-8 hours taking well-defined tasks.
Københavns Sejlklub (club) accepts students with Certificate of Proficiency in Yachting from Københavns Sejlerskole (school). No one gets to sail our boats prior to have been on an introction tour with a member of the board. On this trip we take you through safety onboard how the boat is manoeuvred and you are of course evaulated to see if you - and we - are compfteable with your handling the boat. Should you lack experience or if your experience is a bit rusty, but you act sensible then we may continue the introduction for a couple of extra sail tours.

When the membership is accepted,

  • A copy of the Certificate of Proficiency in Yachting must be provided
  • Payment of both deposit and contribution must take place.
    • Deposit per 01.11.2018 DKK 6.327. Being adjusted annually according to the value of the boats.
    • The contribution will most years be approx. DKK 10.000 for the entire season. Paid in two rates.
    • If you start late in the season you pay proportionally less in contribution.
  • Resignation of membership can only take place as per the end of the year which relief you of next year contribution.
  • The deposit is not returned until a new member signs up.
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