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Copenhagen Sailing Club (Københavns Sejlklub) do not educate, but is a place where you can develop and maintain your skills as skipper. Applicant must minimum hold a Certificate of Proficiency in Yachting (Duelighedsbevis) or be a deckhand to one of the skippers in the club.

As a skipper (depositor) you must qualify accordingly:
- Be legal of age,
- Have Certificate of Proficiency in Yachting,
- Be kompetent in sailing a sailboat,
- Be able to pay a deposit and as permanent member be able to pay annual contribution,
- Have Internet-access,
- Have E-Mail
- Be willing to participate in the Spring and Autumn preparations
- Have read Københavns Sejlklub's Regulations (VEDTÆGT) and Rules (REGLER)

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Send to webmaster@kbh-sejlklub.dk
I apply for membership in Copenhagen Sailing Club (Københavns Sejlklub). I have read and understand the club Regulations (VEDTÆGT) and Rules (REGLER).

I wish to become (mark with X)
    [ ] SKIPPER
    [ ] SKIPPER for the season
    [ ] DECKHAND
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  10. Are you legal of age? = x
  11. Are you deckhand wit a skipper? = x
  12. Name of skipper? = x
  13. Can you sail a sailboat? = x
  14. Are you referred by Kbh's Sejlerskole? = x
  15. Certificate of Proficiency in Yachting (Duelighedsbevis/Yachtskippereksamen 3. grad)(see note) = x
  16. Date issued = x
  17. Unik No. (Bem. nr.)" = x

    Please include copy of certificate.

NOTE: Only Danish certificates can be accepted in accordance with our insurance.
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